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How To:
- Browse Products
- Product Search
- Request Quote/Information on an Individual Product
- Using your Shopping Cart
- Favourites (Members Only)
- Grouped Favourites (Members Only)
- Saved Carts (Members Only)

Browse Products:
To the left of the screen you will find all of the product categories located under 'Product Categories'. Most products are broken up into sub-categories so you may need to click through the sub-categories to get to the product list of your choice. From there you can 'Add to Cart', 'View More Info', 'Request Quote/Information' and 'Add To Favourites'.

Product Search:
To search for a particular product you can use the 'Search Products' field. You can enter any of the following; product code, product name, or description of the product and then click the 'SEARCH' button to perform your search.

A list of available products from your search will be displayed.

Request Quote/Information on an Individual Product:
If you require more information on a product, then select 'Request Quote/Information' below the product and complete the short form to send to us. We will respond via email as quickly as possible.

Using your Shopping Cart:

Viewing Your Shopping Cart
To view your shopping cart just click on 'View Cart', this is displayed on the right hand side of the screen. The shopping cart displays all the products you have chosen together with the sub total. One of the benefits of shopping though our online store is that you know how much you are going to spend before making your purchase.

Removing items from your Shopping Cart
To remove items from your shopping cart you can simply click the X icon next to the item you want to remove.

Edit your Cart Summary
If you would like to increase the quantity of any particular product in your shopping cart, simply enter the required amount into the 'Quantity' field next to that product. Then click the 'Recalculate Order' button to update your Cart Summary total.

At any stage you can click the 'Clear Cart' button to remove all items from your Shopping Cart.

Request Quote on Shopping Cart contents
To request a quote on the contents of your shopping cart, simply click the 'Request Quote' button. This will take you to a 'Request Quote' page where you can fill in the required fields to make your request. To submit your request, click the 'Proceed' button. Note that your Shopping Cart contents will be displayed in bold above the 'Request Quote' form.

Proceed to Checkout
When you are ready to make your purchase, you can proceed to the checkout by clicking the 'Check Out' button. Note that during the 'Check Out / Purchase' process you still have the option to modify your Order.


Favourites (Members Only)
The 'Favourites List is available to reduce your time browsing and searching the product catalogue for those products that you order regularly. If you have a number of products that you regularly purchase, we suggest that you set them up in here.

To add a product to the 'Favourites List' simply Browse or Search the product catalogue, and select the 'Add to Favourites' button against the product.

To view items in your Favourites List from the 'My Account menu' select 'Favourites'. A list of all the products in your 'Favourites List' will be displayed for you.

Select the items you wish to add to cart by entering the quantity you wish to purchase and then 'add to cart' button. You can also delete items you no long use by clicking on the 'delete' button.


Grouped Favourites (Members Only)
Create a group
To manage your favourites, simply create a group by entering a name into the 'Create New Group' field and press 'Create New Group' button under the 'Manage Groups' heading.

Move products to a group
Tick the products you wish to move into this new folder, selected the folder from the drop down and then click 'Move Selected'.

Delete a group
To delete a group, under the 'Manage Groups' select the group you wish to remove from the drop down list and select the 'delete group' button. Please note that products within the group will also be deleted.

Viewing a group
To view products within a Group, choose the relevant group from the 'Selected Groups' Drop down.


Saved Carts (Members Only)
The 'saved carts' feature is available for you to save a shopping cart that you use regularly or are unable to complete or need approval to proceed.

Saving a shopping cart
The saved carts feature is available on the left hand side of the 'shopping cart summary'. When you need to leave the shopping cart or are ready to save as a template order go to 'view cart', enter a name of the cart and select 'Save Cart'.

Viewing a saved cart
To view a saved cart, select 'saved carts' from your account menu. A list of saved carts will be listed with the name of the cart, the date it was saved on and a contact name of the person who created the cart. Locate the cart you wish to view and select 'view details'. A summary page will be provided with the ability to restore the cart by selecting the 'restore this cart' button.

Editing a shopping cart from a saved cart
Refer to 'Edit your Cart Summary' and/or 'Removing items from your Shopping Cart' under the 'Using your Shopping Cart' area on this page.

Restoring a saved cart
To restore a previously saved cart, select 'saved carts' from your account menu. A list of saved carts will be listed with the name of the cart, the date it was saved on and a contact name of the person who created the cart. Locate the cart you wish to restore and select 'restore' from the right hand side. You will then be taken to the shopping cart summary - for instructions on how to use the shopping cart please refer to 'Using your Shopping Cart'. Please note that it is possible to restore a saved cart if there are items in the cart. You are also able to edit quantities.

Removing a saved cart
To remove unnecessary carts from the saved cart list, simply locate the cart you want to delete and select 'remove' on the right hand side.